1. Introduction

This page contains the General Conditions for use of the website (hereinafter "General Conditions" and the "Site"), which must be respected when browsing the website. Access to the Website and any actions involving navigation within its web pages imply acceptance of the General Conditions.If the user chooses not to accept the General Conditions, it is sufficient that he or she abstain from navigating within the pages of the Website.Any party accessing the Website implicitly states that they will not use the Website or the material contained therein for illicit purposes or in ways that violate the laws and regulations.Koobcamp S.r.l. reserves the right to modify the General Conditions at any time without advance notice to users, however without relieving the user of the duty to review the General Conditions prior to accessing the Website. Access to the Website after any such modifications to the General Conditions have been made implies full and unconditional acceptance of the amended General Conditions.. All goods and services or content offered within the Website, subject to specific terms and conditions in the website shall prevail on the General Conditions.

2. Content of the website

a) Description
The official website of is an on-line information and booking network for open air tourist structures (Camping and Villages). Website content includes:info, photographs and any other representation to provide a general overview of the tourist structures, services and promotions offered by the former.This website has security measures in place to prevent loss, misuse and alteration of the information by third parties .All content and information contained within the Website, (news, images, videos, audio, brands, logos, domain names, apps and graphics, technical specifications and manuals etc.) are copyrighted materials and may only be used for personal information; any other use of any other nature without prior written authorization from Koobcamp S.r.l. is prohibited.
b) Offer to users
The Site may also contain links to other third party and Koobcamp S.r.l. partnership companies. Koobcamp S.r.l. shall not be held liable for the content or privacy and safety policies adopted by the sites.The hypertext links have the only function of making the navigation easier for the User, without any sort of relationship between the content of the Site and the third party site linked. Koobcamp S.r.l. informs that it has no power to control the third parties’ web sites linked to the Site and on the authenticity, correctness and adequacy of the products and/or the information contained in such web sites. If the User finds special terms of use on the linked site, these special terms will prevail on the General Conditions.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights

All the content of the Site is subject and protected by the applicable copyright and intellectual property laws (Law no.633 / 41) and industrial property, see:

Reproduction or extraction, of any material contained within the Site is strictly prohibited and any other activity which may damage the legitimate interest of the author and /or the other owners of rights upon the contents of the Site is also prohibited.The Site and all its content can be used exclusively for personal, research or educational purposes, with the prohibition of any direct or indirect commercial use, provided that the rights owner are duly quoted and no modification will take place on such contents. The following is intended as an example for the content of the Site : texts, photos; movies; database; graphs and spreadsheet; slogans; audio reproductions; drawings (animated or not); any other graphic and /or textual representation.It is not allowed to copy and/or to reproduce in whole or in a part the content of the Site without the express authorization of Koobcamp S.r.l. Contents of the Site are for private use only; in the light of above Koobcamp informs that the content of the Site cannot be, in whole or in a part, copied, reproduced, re-published, loaded, transmitted or distributed, in whatever way or shape, except for a personal exclusive use and not for commercial use, provided that all the material will not be in any way modified and that all the intellectual property information will be maintained as they appear on the Site. Every product or company mentioned on this site are trademarks of their respective owners and may be protected by patents and / or copyrights granted or registered by the authorities. In addition, the information and materials contained on the site cannot be used for commercial purposes and cannot be copied, modified or resold for profit or any other purpose. It is not allowed to publish, distribute or include the contents of this Site in other web sites without the express authorization of the property rights of the contents. All the trademarks, domain names, company names and signs present on the Site, are owned by Koobcamp S.r.l. (except as provided in the paragraph below) protected by the current legislation concerning brands. In the light of above any sort of reproduction in whatever shape or way without the express prior authorization of Koobcamp S.r.l. of the above mentioned contents is strictly forbidden and at the same time is also prohibited the registration of the trademark “Koobcamp” in any top level domain.The User is also informed that some pages on the Site may also contain third parties trademarks, domain names, company names cooperating with Koobcamp S.r.l. and to which is granted the same protection of the distinctive signs Koobcamp S.r.l.pursuant to the applicable intellectual property laws.Koobcamp S.r.l. informs that any use of all the distinctive signs of Koobcamp S.r.l. is strictly forbidden as metatags and/or each html language command which, even if not implying the displaying or the formatting of a certain command, provides in any case instructions to electronic agents or to search engines in order to reach – in an easier way – a website different from one of Koobcamp S.r.l.

4. Framing i Linking

Without a prior written authorization of Koobcamp S.r.l., the creation of links to the first page of the Site is prohibited as currently published at or to other internal pages of the Site. The following are prohibited: a) linking and framing which permits to a page of the Site to appear in a specific page of another Site and in addition to this effect the content of the page will appear in a frame constructed for this purpose.b) any specific link which redirects any user to an internal page of the Site without passing through the Home Page, known as (“deep linking”) and any automatic link (“inline linking”) which allows the user the automatic display in a specific space of images made available at the Site.

5. How to use the Site

Koobcamp S.r.l. informs that the content of the Site cannot be, in whole or in a part, copied, reproduced, re-published, loaded, transmitted or distributed, in whatever way or shape, without a prior written authorization of Koobcamp S.r.l..Moreover, the content of the site cannot be made available, in whole or in part, through means of communications, i.e. Internet, video systems, radio waves or any other instrument without a prior written authorization of Koobcamp S.r.l..In addition, the information and materials contained on the site cannot be used for commercial purposes in order to create any sort of database resource and cannot be stored ( in whole or in part) in previous databases, to which it is possible to have access both for the creator and for third parties.In no event shall Koobcamp srl be liable for damages of any kind caused directly or indirectly by access to the site, inability or impossibility to access it from the expectations and use made of the information contained therein. Koobcamp S.r.l. is committed to maintain this site updated but cannot guarantee its completeness and accuracy.Koobcamp S.r.l. is authorised to change the section of this Site and legal note at any time.

6. Exclusion of warranty and limitation of liability

All the content published on the Site are provided for the sole purpose of general information.Koobcamp S.r.l. does not provide any warranty on its accuracy and completeness and reserves the right to modify and refresh such information without giving any notice to the user.Koobcamp S.r.l. will not be held responsible for any omissions and/or mistakes in the information published and any information inserted autonomously by authorised users. Koobcamp S.r.l. will not be liable for any damage, direct, indirect, or consequential, loss or damages of data, lost profits or loss of goodwill, business opportunities or opportunities from access to the Site, or its use, or inability to use the Site or the content published therein and again access to third party sites available through hyperlinks, or its use, or inability to use the same or contents published.Koobcamp S.r.l. does not operate controls of any kind for content published and can not be held responsible in any way for any unlawful acts committed through the Site. Koobcamp S.r.l. undertakes in any case to promptly delete offensive content upon notice by third parties without formal notice, or in any case, declared thus by the Judicial Authority.This section of the Site may be modified any time. Users are entitled to visit the Site on a regular basis. Your use of the Website is a conduct implying the unconditional acceptance of the above provisions.

7. Download and Computer Virus

The objects, products, programs and routines on this Site for download such as technical documentation, commercial documentation and software etc. unless stated otherwise are freely available without charge on the conditions established by the owner.What can be downloaded on this website may be protected by copyright, rights of use and / or copy of the respective owners; therefore Koobcamp S.r.l. calls to verify conditions of use and rights and holds itself explicitly exempt from any liability.Koobcamp S.r.l. does not guarantee that the site is free of errors or viruses and notifies that its suppliers and its employees are not liable for the damages suffered by the user due to these destructive elements.

8. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

Without any limits to any different rights that the users should be entitled to according to any national and international rules and regulations, the General Conditions will be subject and interpreted according to Italian Law (with an exception for the rules on conflicts of law), including any dispute about the existence, validity, effectiveness of the General Conditions and of any other related agreement.Provided all the above, any dispute that may arise in connection to the General Conditions and to any related agreement, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Turin.IBy virtue of the application of Italian law, in the event of any conflict of interpretation between the Italian version and the English, French and German version of these General Conditions, the Italian version will prevail.